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Question: Is their an admission fee to get into the pumpkin patch?

Answer: No, we do not have an admission fee. But if you wish to participate in the events you will have to purchase a ticket at the register.

Question: I am a vendor interested in selling my items. What should I do?

Answer: Contact Lauren, the owner, at

Question: I am a photographer interested in using your backdrops, do I need to set up a time? Do I need to pay?

Answer: Yes, you will need to pay a small fee to use the backdrops. We also have a photographer we are working with, so we want to make sure we aren't scheduling you during each others times. Please contact Lauren at to set up a time that works for everybody.

Question: Do we have to pay to use your photo drops, just for family photos?

Answer: No. but we do ask that you spend at least $10 to use our Handcrafted Photo Ops.

Question: We are excited to come out for the movie night(s). What are we allowed to bring?

Answer: You can bring anything you like. It is BYOB, we also recommend chairs and blankets. You will be on concrete so no worries about mud. We have  Popcorn, Candy and Drinks available before and during the movies. Please remember this is a family event on private property, keep the "partying" to a minimum.

Question: Can my little kids participate in smashing?

Answer: YES! All parties have to sign a liability waiver, but then your little one can grab some safety glasses and the weapon of their choice and go to town. As long as they can hold the tool safely or with your help they can smash away.

Question: I'm attending one of the 18+ murder mystery events. What should I do/bring?

Answer: It is BYOB as well as bring any food you would like.  We will have some light snacks, but nothing to crazy. You are welcome to dress up per the theme of the event. Best costume gets $20, but you can also come in your regular clothes or PJ's. Other than that we just need you!

Question: What happens if it rains the day of the movie nights?

Answer: If the rain has stopped and will not return during the event we will proceed as normal. If it is raining at the time of the event or is projected to, we will have to cancel.

Question: Can we field trip to your pumpkin patch?

Answer: Of course! Contact Lauren at to set that up.

Any other questions please email us at or call/text 214-502-3674

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