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We offer a few fantastic activities...

-Pumpkin Smashing: Choose your weapon, and smash away! Pumpkin Included- $10

-Pumpkin Carving: Choose your template & carve. We clean the mess. Pumpkin Included- $15

-Pumpkin Painting: Get your painting kit & Paint away. We clean the mess. Pumpkin Included- $15

-New This Season: FUN ZONE: Bounce House, Inflatable Slide, Combo Slide/Bounce House, & Small Kids Obstical Course (for those under 8). Plus Games like, Connect 4, Tic Tac Toe & More. Unlimited Time - $15

All tickets may be purchased at our check out counter.



You may notice movies are not an option this year. Unfortunately with the recession and everybody struggling with inflation, we are unable to offer them this season. They make us ZERO money, sometimes even costing us. With the entire country struggling financially and us knowing this season will be much slower than previous, we had to make the hard decision to not offer movies.

We love doing the movies because they are fun for all of us, but again we are just not in a position to offer them this season. We are hoping we may have a good start to the season and be able to offer a few later in the month of October. If we do, we will blast it everywhere, including our newsletter.

The Petting Zoo is along the same lines. It cost us $15,000 (yes, you read that right), to offer the petting zoo last season. We did not make that money back. As much as I want to see the cute Llama every Saturday, we cannot afford to loose any money this season.

Thank you so much for understanding.

~ Lauren

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