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We offer a few fantastic activities...

-Pumpkin Smashing: Choose your weapon, and smash away! Pumpkin Included- $10

-Pumpkin Carving: Choose your template & carve. We clean the mess. Pumpkin Included- $15

-Pumpkin Painting: Get your painting kit & Paint away. We clean the mess. Pumpkin Included- $15

-FUN ZONE: Bounce House, Inflatable Slide, Combo Slide/Bounce House, & Small Kids Obstical Course (for those under 8). Unlimited Time - $15

-New This Season: PUMPKIN DROP: Go 12ft in the air. With your 3 small pumpkins drop them down onto the bulls eye's below. Hit the spikes of doom or the bullseye and get a small prize. $12

All tickets may be purchased at our check out counter.

Purchase 3 or more and get 10% off all.


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